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Story of the magnificent butter chicken recipe

Story of the magnificent butter chicken recipe

The butter chicken recipe is authentically prepared as an Indian dish. It originated in the northern part of Punjab and is prepared with a lot of spices. The specialty of this dish is the flavor and the way it is cooked uniquely. This dish is also called murgh makhani and is savored across India.

The ingredients used in this dish add a unique flavour to it and the buttery taste makes it more delicious.

The origin of the butter chicken recipe

The dish originated in the state of Punjab. The common belief is that the dish was first prepared by Kundan Lal Jaggi during the 1930s. He, along with a companion, immigrated from Peshwar, Punjab (now in Pakistan), and prepared it in the restaurant, they launched in Delhi.

It is said that the curry was discovered by chance by Kundan Lal as he was making use of some leftover cooked chicken. By sheer good luck, he used the chicken and tossed it in thick with tomato gravy and also cooked it in butter. After this, there was no looking back as he discovered India’s most loved chicken dish called the butter chicken.

Since the beginning, Butter Chicken has been highly popular in Amritsar as the Punjabi community has savored this dish for years. The dish is known for its taste, ingredients, and how the diced chicken is cooked.

The texture of butter chicken

Butter chicken is a creamy and rich dish. It is flavored with gravy and butter. It is accompanied by naan or Indian bread. While preparing the dish, the tomatoes are mashed into a thick paste. The entire dish is cooked with lots of spices and is marinated in rich cream for a more succulent taste.

The texture of the butter chicken recipe is something to affirm as among the oldest and best dishes. The color of the gravy is creamy red with hints of dashes of butter tossed into it. The cream, and butter with chicken is also specific to this dish only. The specialty of butter chicken is its taste and the way it has been cooked for years in India.

How to combine butter chicken with other food items

India has many chicken dishes. Butter chicken is among the favorites of Indian platter and people like to combine this dish with other food items. In the North, specifically, butter chicken is rated high on marriage and party menus.

As the butter chicken recipe has an addictive taste and a lot of Indians savor it for its buttery feel on the tastebuds, it is best to be consumed with Indian bread like naan, roti, and missi roti. It can also be combined with various other dishes like rice, and biryani, and also be savored in stuffed rolls.

Concluding thoughts

Butter chicken is not just a dish but also represents the flavors of India. It is popular in England as much as it is popular in Indian homes. The various ways of preparing this dish have created some confusion, although, the richness remains attached to it.

Sometimes, butter chicken is confused with chicken tikka masala. However, both dishes are completely different and have their own unique tastes. While butter chicken has the base of thick tomato gravy, exclusive ingredients, and dashes of butter and cream, other chicken dishes cannot be compared to it.

The history of this dish makes it unique and how it is made in Indian homes. The menu of some top-rated restaurants prepares butter chicken and serves it to millions of customers. If you want to taste this dish then you should order this dish from a popular restaurant.

There are different tastes in India, but dishes like butter chicken stand out.

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